Kirt Douglas Purdy

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My Services
I have been an MC for so many weddings, banquets, and ceremonies that I have lost count, and not just because I have my socks on.
When people throw the responsibility of hosting or entertaining a large group, look no further than yours truly!
I will provide an evening of quality laughs with no one suffering awkward moments, (unless you want them to), and your guests will not want to go home! (unless you want them to, in which case I'll make it happen when you give the secret signal.)
Simply send me a note using the form on the last page!
Just in case you need a little help with a banquet, wedding, or ceremony...I'm your guy!

K & L
"Whodunnit Mysteries"

Since 1997, K & L Entertainment has provided countless evenings of laughs through our "Whodunnit Mysteries"!
If you have been saddled with finding entertianment for your company's party, look no further!  With one contact, you can set the wheels in motion for an unforgettable time of fun and sleuthing!  We provide all your entertainment needs for groups up to 250 people!  No more embarassing comedians who make you cringe!  No more expensive bands who forget the notes!  Be a part of the action, and make the night something you'll want to remember!
Simply give us your theme, the number of guests, and the number of participants.  We then write the mystery based on your needs, have one meeting with your participants, and then host the mystery at your party!
Some of K & L's satisfied customers include school staffs, school districts, police services, banks, youth groups, medical groups, colleges, churches, and even the Camrose, Alberta Chamber of Commerce! Twice!
If murder isn't your thing, we also write thefts and kidnappings!  (Having worked in a Federal Prison since 2010, I have  a lot of new and exciting ideas!)
Send us a message on the last page of this site to quickly and easily take care of that "entertainment headache" the boss dumped on you!  Be the office hero!