Kirt Douglas Purdy

Just the facts

Well, there's not much to say, actually.  After my time mining the asteroid belt , I decided to lay low for a few years by working as a labourer fixing the Great Wall of China.
Although those years taught me many things, they pale in comparison to being a husband, father, and nano-technologist working on a secret military project...but I've said too much.
Living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, I have learned a great many things about a great many things.
For instance, did you know that there are sections of highway here that have been re-classified as parking lots?   Drop by on Thursday evenings after 6:00, or anytime the Vancouver Canucks have a home game.  Just set your parking brake and start walking.
My wife and son have both been very supportive of me as I tackle this whole writing thingy.  Their laughing at the material always encourages me to write more, so you can blame them for this whole mess. 
How I Got Here
Don't worry.  We fast-forward over the nasty bits.



High School Graduation
Ah, that time where the world looks like your oyster and the possibilities are endless!
After a few months, you see that it wasn't an oyster, it was a rock.
This is not a bad thing.  Rocks are much better at many things than oysters!
Like breaking oysters.
My Birth
Incidentally, I was born during the FLQ Crisis in Canada.  If you want to know more about the FLQ, buy "A Hoser's Guide to Canadian History"!
If you want to know more about my birth...not gonna happen.



Wedding Day!
This was a miraculous moment for my wife and me. The ceremony went flawlessly, the pictures were fantastic, and the reception was free of embarrassing moments.
The cherry on top was that the locksmith showed up within an hour when I locked the keys in the car the next morning.
True story.
University Graduation!
I never thought it was possible, but a graduation ceremony can actually cause a large percentage of people to head for the bathroom at the exact same time. 
For two hours.
Blah, blah, blah.


This is the monumentous birth of my official writing career!
Thanks for attending!  I appreciate your time and effort!
(Cigars will be passed around at the smoking area outside, around the corner, twelve blocks away.)