Kirt Douglas Purdy

According to the great people at Peasantry Press (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) all good authors should have a website.  When I asked if I should as well, they gave a hearty, "Why not?"  Hence, this spectacular offering!
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Canadian Humourist and Human

Reasons for Writing

(Or, "What makes Kirt tick?")

As an author, I am advised by the age-old advice to "write what I know", which could limit my range to talking and eating.
In addition to writing the familiar, I choose to branch out a bit and write about things that strike me as funny, interesting, or downright absurd.  (The third adjective opens a lot of possibilities in the areas of government, economics, and daytime TV.)
I should probably warn you that if you think that politicians, bankers, and historical figures are (or were) infallible, you may want to steer clear of my work.
My work is based in fact, although you really have to look to find those facts.
There are no sacred cows...
My journey in the written word began at an early age.  Mrs. Zigterman, my grade one teacher and first nemesis, had me writing untold lines on the chalkboard that was to cure me of my various terrible behaviours.  "I will not throw chairs", "I will not stab people with pins", and "I will not break windows with rocks" are but a sample of my early days in education.
One day, she told me to write an apology note to another student for something rather nefarious.  My mother kept the note, which reads like this: 
"I am sory for hiting you in the fase with the ketchep bottel."
It was only natural that I should become a teacher.
As a teacher, I have endured almost as many difficult moments as my students.  I have taught since 2005 in grades seven through twelve in almost every subject except Culinary Arts, which has saved countless lives.  
My current teaching job sees me educating inmates in a federal prison.   While some may see this as difficult, it's not unlike Junior High, just with guard towers and razor wire.
Granted, being a prison teacher has some perks: there are no cell phones in class, no irate parents to assuage, and the cafeteria food may just have some neato surprise waiting for me.
A Hoser's Guide to Canadian History
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My Opening Salvo

After a couple of years spent writing a column for my prison teaching associates called "The Teacher's Tripe", I decided to tackle a larger work.  Since my interests lie in history and humour, it was natural for me to write a cookbook of my favourite, wait.  That is history and disaster.
My first offering is titled: "A Hoser's Guide to Canadian History", and is now available for purchase.  The work is a satirical glance at some of the more famous (and infamous) moments in Canada's past.